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How 9mCollab does it?

With 9mCollab you will enjoy well structured, distraction free communication, that is seamlessly transferred into knowledge base through a highly efficient conclusions driven process.

The whole system can be described in 3 words: Collaborate, Conclude, Contribute.


What does it mean to have efficient online collaboration? To easily share your opinions without, nowadays common, information noise and distraction. In 9mCollab we designed new communication model: “Non-linear chat” - to make sure you receive only needed info and share it exclusively with relevant people. You can easily identify and access needed information anytime. Plus you can always know when you need to act on this information. In 9mCollab, two or more participants can easily branch off any chat discussion into a new thread without interrupting the flow of the original discussion. 9mCollab enables you to seamlessly organize all your communication in an intuitive communication tree structure. In this way you can have a productive collaboration while saving yourself from information noise and distractions . Read More


What is the result of every successful conversation? A Conclusion! Or better yet, a good conclusion! This is why in 9mCollab we designed “conclusion driven collaboration" model. It enables you to get to a conversation result - the CONCLUSION in the fastest way possible. Conclusion often drive DECISIONS so 9mCollab enables you to easily involve all relevant stakeholders and execute decision making process FAST. Meetings are often endless with confused agendas, poor moderation, missing parties and no conclusions, except to meet again. With 9mCollab everyone is on the same page and gets their say with no moderation required. Most important - you get to a conclusion in the fastest way possible. A complete record of all comments, recommendations, votes and documents used is bundled and stored at the conclusion. All conclusions and decisions generated through 9mCollab are easily searchable and can be shared or verified instantly with all stakeholders. Read More


What is the biggest asset of every person, team or organisation? The knowledge it generates, keeps and efficiently utilizes. This is why in 9mCollab we enabled for all relevant conclusions and decisions, created on the workgroups levels, to be easily archived, tracked and shared through your personal knowledge database. This becomes a go-to point for each organization or team member in need of information about certain decisions, processes, documents or any other relevant info. In 9mCollab every important conclusion and decision, made by a certain workgroup can be shared within a searchable Knowledge Base where it can be easily tracked throughout organisation. No reinventing the wheel, no faulty memories, no misunderstandings as to what was decided and how things are done within the team. New members of the organisation are able to read through the knowledge database, find relevant conclusions and contribute suggesting changes based on their previous working experiences. Read More

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Additional values

Your Digital Office

9mCollab enables you to always stay on top of things, participate in all decision-making if you choose and efficiently manage all your daily communication on the go.

Central Communication Hub

9mCollab provides single platform experience for all types of communication: direct messaging, file sharing and audio/video calling. This eliminates the need for internal e-mail correspondence or any other chat or video call client.

Explore module

Browsing across different workgroups, conclusions and members is made easy and fun. 9mCollab enables seamless exploration experience interlinked by a user’s interests and needs. 9mCollab also enables you to explore, search for and filter members by their expertise, skill levels and to identify who is dealing with some specific topics within your organization.

Decisions Tracker

All decisions generated through 9mCollab are easily searchable and can be shared or verified instantly with all stakeholders.

Feedback generator

Many organizations suffer from the lack of proper and timely feedback for their members. In 9mCollab workgroup participants can rate each other’s input to the discussion. Feedback drives improvement. Evaluations are visible only to the individual not the group.

Easily branded and fully customizable

9mCollab is offered as a robust Software as a Service turnkey solution. Customization and branding options are available through an intuitive admin panel. You can also share responsibility through admin roles. If you are an IT, you can manage who will have access to the platform. If you are an HR, you will have visibility of employees performance. If you are from the Communications team, you can engage with employees.

Innovative communication models

Learn more about 9mCollab innovative communication models.

Non Linear Chat (NLC)

Non Linear Chat system is organized to simulate live talks within a group of people in which there are various topics initiated, and discussions have nonlinear flow like real life. Traditional online chat communication systems are organized in a “linear” way and don’t enable efficient communication between more than 3 people. It is very difficult to keep the productive flow of conversation when new topics are brought up and new discussions are initiated randomly by people in the same thread. Additionally, every time somebody joins discussion at a later stage, it brings distractions and noise to the chat thread. This makes it hard for the participants to keep the flow of conversation and to clearly understand who responded to whom and on which topic. This steering off topic is a regular problem for all “linear” chat platforms, as discussion quickly becomes disorganized and hard to follow. To solve these problems, we designed the Non Linear Chat (NLC) model. In this model, whenever the main topic is changed, two or more participants can easily branch off any chat discussion into a new thread without interrupting the flow of the original discussion. This enables users to easily jump from one topic to another without spoiling the flow of the group conversation. In this way, every conversation which goes off-topic can be presented as the new branch in a chat which gets its own title and participants and can become a new topic or subtopic in a communication tree. In this way you can have a productive collaboration while saving yourself and other participants from all that information noise and distractions. This structure enables users to quickly navigate through the various discussions, topics and subtopics and to receive notifications only for posts which matter to them and are above a certain threshold of urgency. In this way, Non Linear Chat is a model which can structure and make efficient any kind of online group conversation. Read More

Conclusion Driven Communication(CDC)

It is a fact that discussion is more efficient and its quality higher when it is driven towards a conclusion. Traditional online chat communication systems enable intensive real time discussions between multiple people but these discussions usually take considerable time and lead nowhere. What is missing are concrete results of the discussions - CONCLUSIONS. Conclusions often drive DECISIONS, which are the result we need to get to faster in today's business communication. It is critical to involve all relevant stakeholders in a decision making process and after the decision has been made to inform all parties that would be impacted by the decision or which need to take action for this decision to be implemented. In today’s practice these processes are often too complicated and require too much time to be executed properly. For the reasons stated above, we designed Conclusion Driven Communication (CDC) model. CDC is a concept of online communication which is naturally driven towards mutually accepted, easily voted, adjustable, searchable and shareable conclusion. When participants in a discussion feel like they might have been on the trail of a solution to a problem, a conclusion proposal is put upon a vote and if accepted, it is stored in the conclusion library, which allows for easy internal and external sharing. Whenever the conclusion is proposed, the dynamics of the discussion changes cause participants focus around a particular topic and the conversation becomes far more productive. Conclusion represents current standpoint of the majority of discussion participants or all of them, depending if the vote was majority or a consensus vote, and they can always come back to it and change it if needed. Conclusions which are relevant to people outside of the discussion group can be shared or stored in the organizations’ knowledge base. Read More

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9mCollab origins

9M Collab isn’t a concept created from whole cloth. It was developed in early 2018 for HTEC Group Inc, a global software development company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Serbia, Scandinavia, and the UK. Like all rapidly growing companies operating across borders HTEC found it difficult to collaborate and coordinate effectively. It tried all the standard tools and found they just didn’t work. So, HTEC commissioned the development of a platform that would allow teams spread across continents to drive conclusions, develop institutional memory, and improve communications. The result was 9mCollab. Now, 9mCollab is available to organizations around the world to gain superior results through superior communications.

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