Next-generation collaboration software

9mCollab maximizes productivity and time saving by:

  • Distraction free and logically structured collaboration threads
  • Fast collaboration results with new conclusion making models
  • Collaboration results translated into a permanent knowledge base

9mCollab is the only collaboration
software which enables you to:

Build logically structured collaboration

9mCollab enables clear, logically structured, and graphically presented collaboration without nowadays common information noise, chat distractions, and loss of information.

Get to the results of collaboration faster

9mCollab eliminates time spent on long inconclusive discussions and drives collaboration fast towards the concrete results - conclusions and decisions.

Create a knowledge base through collaboration

9mCollab enables the creation of an internal knowledge base from conclusions/decisions that team members are making in their daily work.

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Some of our client’s reactions

Revolutionary approach to communication and knowledge-sharing.

Benedikt Hoffmann

COO @ Invest in Visions

9mCollab really helps to sort through the clutter.

Sandra Prvulovic

Co-Founder @ Fenix HR

A powerful tool for collaboration and decision making.

Dr Radoje Lausevic

Monteaqua Project Manager

Unique collaboration features

9mCollab team has designed a superior way to collaborate - Non-Linear Chat and Conclusion Driven Communication - that enables logically structured collaboration to drive fast towards concrete results - conclusions and decisions.

The whole system can be described in 3 words:
Collaborate, Conclude, Contribute.

Collaborate (productively) via Non-Linear Chat

Non-Linear Chat (NLC) provides seamless thread branching whenever the main topic is changed. This enables users to easily jump from one topic to another without spoiling the flow of the group conversation.

Bring order to chaosGraphically presented communication tree enable you to understand the origins of various topics so you can focus only on ones that interest you.

Experience distraction-free collaboration Every user receives only the relevant info without distractions with low value posts.

No more information noise Always know when you need to act on the particular information. You are prompted with a notification only when and where you need to contribute.

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Collaborate productively via non-linear chat Message notification
Conclude fast via Conclusion communication Conclusion approved Conclusion vote needed

Conclude (fast) via Conclusion Driven Communication

Conclusion Driven Communication (CDC) gets participants to the results of conversation fast - easily voted, adjustable, searchable, and shareable CONCLUSIONS. It syncs the standpoints of all stakeholders on any topic on the communication tree.

Fewer meetings, more productivityClear your calendar and cut out unproductive meetings. Conclusions help you to sync with a team on important topics fast.

Reach decisions smarterThe conclusion often drives DECISION. 9mCollab enables you to easily involve all relevant stakeholders and get to decisions fast.

Improve decisions fasterYou can easily change conclusions and decisions fast based on real-time feedback or the newly acquired knowledge.

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Contribute (easily) via Dynamic Knowledge Base

Knowledge is the biggest asset of every person, team, or organization.With 9mCollab, relevant conclusions and decisions, created through collaboration, are easily archived, tracked, and shared through our Dynamic Knowledge Base.

Create a go-to point for any challengeThe Dynamic knowledge base becomes a go-to point for your team or organization members in need of info about previous decisions, solutions, processes, best practices, meeting notes and documents.

Improve the onboarding processNew members in the organization are able to search through the knowledgebase, find relevant conclusions, and immediately contribute improvements based on their previous working experiences.

Sync your whole team or organisationNo reinventing the wheel, no faulty memories, no misunderstandings as to what was decided, and how things are done within the team or organization.

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Contribute via dynamic knowledge base
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Additional value-boosting features

Gain 360 overview through group survey Survey list

Map internal expertise

Get a clear picture of team members expertise, and soft skills while continually tracking their progress via 360 feedback generator.

Help others in their professional growth Acknowledge soft skills and competencies that your team members pose by participating in a periodic group peer-to-peer evaluations..

Promote values you cherish Set which qualities you want to promote within members of your team or organization and periodically prompt them to evaluate themselves and their peers regarding those values. This is much more effective than posting a list of values on your company walls.

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Explore your organization

Explore your organization

Browsing across different workgroups, topics, conclusions, and members is made easy and fun with Explore screen.

Build your internal social networkInvite and network with your colleagues interested in the same topics or knowledge domain. Share knowledge and have fun while working together.

Get the visibility and ratingList your knowledge and skills on your profile and set your level of experience. Improve your visibility and rating by contributing to topics and helping others with conclusions.

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admin panel

Be on top of things

All information and statistics about the created conclusions, groups, accounts and surveys can be found in the Admin Panel.

Manage rolesYou can set the appropriate roles for specific team members. For e.g. HR can organize members in specific user groups and Content-manager can organize content flow on the platform.

Manage knowledge base contentYou can organize notifications and manage the promotion of the specific knowledge based content for particular user groups.

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9mCollab origins

9mCollab platform was developed in early 2018 for HTEC Group Inc, a Silicon Valley software development firm with 550+ employees. HTEC found that existing collaboration tools did not meet the needs of a rapidly growing multinational company. So, HTEC commissioned the development of a platform that would allow teams spread across continents to reach conclusions and decisions fast with minimal communication noise and distraction, while developing institutional memory. The result was 9mCollab. Now, 9mCollab is available to organizations around the world to gain superior results through superior communications.

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